Platform Overview

Tokenized asset data to power your platform or research

Use Cases

Power your platform or next research initiative
Investors, researchers, DeFi protocols, ratings agencies, and others use data to understand the next evolution of financial markets.
In-Depth Research

Understand token structures, traction, and easily compare assets.


Save time integrating asset data into your platform with our enterprise-ready API.

Underlying Assets

Get end-to-end transparency into underlying assets and reserves.

Analytics Platforms

Provide your users tokenized asset market intelligence through your own platform.

DeFi Derivatives

Build structured products on top of real-time onchain data.

Jurisdiction Analysis

View which legal jurisdictions and frameworks are gaining traction.

Our Data Sets

Proprietary and curated data, at scale
We partner directly with issuers to capture verified information on their assets. With industry leading relationships alongside our data aggregation technology, we are able to provide you the most comprehensive tokenized RWA dataset in the industry.
Onchain Issuances
Tokenized Assets
Blockchain Networks
Service Providers
Associated Entities
Onchain Transactions
Asset Classes
Underlying Reserves
Onchain Data
Quantitative data on asset performance
Treasuries, Stablecoins & Commodities
  • Token Mints / Burns
  • Transfers
  • Protocol Fees
  • Token Standards
  • Private Credit
  • Default Events
  • Repayments
  • +22 more measures
  • Permissioned Chains
  • Coming soon...
  • Offchain Data
    Qualitative data on asset structure
    Reserves & Underlying Assets
  • CUSIPs
  • Custodians
  • Entities
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Issuer Jurisdictions
  • Legal Filings
  • Service Providers
  • Exchanges
  • Brokers
  • Fund Admins
  • Developer Experience
    Easy-to-use portal to access API keys and queries
    api tools screenshot
    Get in touch to access demo datasets.

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